The Foregoing of an Intellect: A Photo and Video Discovery

“We should take care not to make the intellect our God; it has, of course, powerful muscles, but no personality.” –Albert Einstein


My intellect used to be my god.  No longer.  I think the heart fits that role better.

As I navigate my adjustment to my previous life under new circumstances and with a mindset that rejects what I previously sought, I run across this memory card full of reminders about balance.  I cannot post many of them, but a few I am able to show.

The memory card holds the secret to life.  My life in any event.  Things like Monique, Yannick and Juliane with a designer birthday cake!  Monique and the Designer Princess Cake

I did not have a home.  I did not have a car.

I did not have a pension.  I did not travel far….

….well, less than a trip in Texas, but a vast chasm of culture and diversity lie in that small distance.

Enjoy peeking into another world.  I will add more after my date with a judge.




Ponto on Power: Ponto on electricity and how to reuse its transformative state

#1 son says to me this morning as he’s gearing up for his ride to summer school, “Mom I’ve been thinking…” 

This is the moment I’ve come to know as transformative, usually for both him and me.

The first time I recall the “Mom-I’ve-Been-Thinking” moment involved a Crispy Crème journey, Coldplay’s Clocks and HIV amongst African children.  He was distraught that doctors knew easily how to cure AIDS but refused to do so.  He said that injecting a virus to eat up the HIV virus – like setting a fire to fight a bigger fire, like our immunizations to protect us against a bigger illness – would kill off HIV.  He said maybe even the HIV virus itself needs to be injected.  He said the doctors knew this but wouldn’t do it and he wanted to know why the African children were the ones who had to suffer.  It was so clear to him.  What was not clear was the stupidity and cruelty of adults.

He was 5 years old.

My mentor the Judge had a friend at the forefront of medical research, specifically HIV, back in 2005 and he quietly confirmed that the labs were doing the very thing #1 son was so hell bent on seeing done….introducing a virus to kill off the bad stuff like immunizations do, or at a minimum trying to get the virus to kill itself.  Years later we see the headlines that scientists are openly using essentially this method.

So today when for the umpteenth time I hear, “Mom, I’ve been thinking”….well, I’m taking note.  We had been talking about his birth and how all the nurses wanted to be around him and how Grandma had been such a huge part, and that the tragedy of Columbine happened just 2 days after his birth, and he had endured his first of many lectures from his mom about being part of the solution in the world, or part of the problem.  But he was already long gone in his head.

He says he’s come up with a theory about alternative energy and it involves electricity.  “You know how energy never ends, it just transforms?”  I know this.  I recall from my lovely science days, before I decided to be a lawyer and drop all science from my curriculum.

“Yeah, ok,” I say, encouraging the next thought.

“Well, it shouldn’t really end. Electricity doesn’t end.  Remember that electric ball I used to have with the Tesla core?”  Where in all his drama and musical arts classes of late did he learn about Tesla cores?

“Uh huh, I remember.”

“That energy didn’t dissipate.   It remained.  Electricity should remain usable.  We are doing something wrong.”

“Are you saying invent another machine that takes the transformed remnant energy and use it to turn it back into the original electrical energy?”

“Well, kind of… no, actually no.  I’m saying that electrical energy in that ball remained.  We can use the power of it over and over and it doesn’t transform.  Just a theory.  It’s correct though.”

Indeed it might be.  After all, the HIV thing was.  So it is documented today.  I hope his high school curriculum soon includes physics and chemistry again.

Law of Thermodynamics I: “energy can be transformed from one form to another, but cannot be created or destroyed.”  Thermo I

Children Around the World – For Sale in War Zones

Children are sold to “buyers”.  Those buyers are often linked to the developed world.  The power majority in the world “buy” children….like, there is literally a A_Child_for_Sale_(1920_film_ad)market!

In Kenya, we saw this often, but we saw the full picture.  Certain children in the family were bartered.  They were sent to children’s homes (the word orphanage is not used in Kenya) or camps and the family would get a kick back when the child was sold off.  These children’s homes are not really “official” in nature, but the local authorities also get their kick back.  Apparently this happens in Nigeria and western Africa also, in the war zones of Boko Haram.  Probably happens in Syria as well.  A quick internet scan shows that after the devastating American crash of the stock market in 1929, American families did the same thing.

We in this world, we sell children.

This morning’s CNN undercover piece is a short video, but when you have the stomach for it, here it is.  Consider at the end of the video that it is extremely easy for these men to openly sell these children.

That means there is a market for children out there….. a market!!!  

Children for sale heartbreakingly easy to find in ravaged Nigeria

Google Doodle Joys

Google and Emmy Noether got me today with this fabulous doodle.  I did click, and when I did that, I did read.  Oh the joys of learning a new piece of fact fabric.

Emmy Noether, German mathematician before being geek was cool with men, and here she is a woman.  Though, the wiki description leaves me a bit confused as to what exactly “abstract algebra” is …when algebra is abstract from its very beginning.  All math is an abstraction.  Far too smart for me.  Google Noether

“Emmy Noether was an influential German mathematician known for her groundbreaking contributions to abstract algebra and theoretical physics.”  Wikipedia

Thanks, Google.

Ponto’s One Minute of Fame

20141209_192403I had the pleasure of watching my son perform a little on stage last night with his very talented peers.  The video and photos are less than amateur, and for that I owe Ponto and all his friends an apology.

Can you imagine what it would have been like had the photographers/ videographers been better?  John Shepherd, where are you when we need you?!

All about that base, boys.  Here is the video link of Ponto’s One Minute.

A Society Governed by Social Media; Part I – The Admonishment

A Society Governed by Social Media

Part I – The Admonishment

I see this morning’s headlines, not in issue format, but pictorialized on Facebook.  A U.S. President has unilaterally dealt with a longtime issue by creatively using his Executive powers… or not.

I actually do not entirely know because I have not read enough about the issue to have a reasonable sense of the issue.  All I know is a bunch of people aligning with a political party are saying he was justified while a bunch of people aligning with the other political party (after all, we still only really have two) say that he is an anarchist, an inciter and …well, just a big screaming baby it looks like.

Politics will ultimately reduce itself the least common denominator it seems – that of the personal assault and name calling –  because ‘We The People’ let it.  That is my bandwagon/soapbox at the end of all discussions.

I learned something from “the” judge, my mentor, and that is the truth oft lies between the poles.  He used to tell me that if his rulings and judgments offended both sides in small measure, he figures he probably got it about right.

So my interest over the next few days will be to attempt to first understand what the issues really are, and second, to then understand the full spectrum of that issue’s arguments and potential outcomes.  I owe that to the process.  That means I will have to become part Democrat and part Republican, actually listening to the pole positions.  I do NOT owe to my political party a moment of posting a Facebook article positing their position without my having taken a little time to get my head around what is really going on.

Immigration Boot type no consequence

Doing anything less than my due diligence and research is tantamount to GOSSIPING.  I am not a gossip.

Ok, let us take a vote:  Who of us, having posted a social media response about Obama and the immigration issue, has read the draft resolution, has read or listened to the speech WITHOUT pundits telling you what it all says?

It is the educator within, Immigration Separation of PowersI cannot help this. You know, the powers of government are a bit like rock/paper/scissors…..though most people I think see it more like Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s favorite version, which includes Spock and a certain lizard.ImmigrationrockpaperscissorslizardspockClear


People, we can do this.  We can independently, with rational analysis, come to grips with this stuff sans media pundits and their views.

Governing via social media is not a standard of governing at all, but governing by mob rule, i.e. mob rule…intellectually speaking of course. J  Let us quit listening to pundits and start evaluating the raw material for ourselves.  Read speeches, listen to speeches without media personalities interpreting, go to the Constitution yourself rather than listening to someone tell what is right or wrong….it is time….. so that we don’t repeat history.

Immigration Scissors beat Paper


Thank you, Brittany Maynard

Dear Brittany,brittany-maynard-and-husband-2014

We read this morning that you had left our mortal world.  I am sad about that so I watched your media videos to take a moment to remember and learn.  Thank you – to you and your family – for opening up the dignity conversation with such grace.

I believe that all of us out here who don’t really know you personally were in “hollywood” denial.  That is, we were the last to believe that you had to live and die this way.  I think Hollywood sort of establishes this expectation in us that the ending somehow will not be the grimness looming before us.  But this time it was.

It isn’t all that happy to me today, but it IS all that powerful and beneficial.

I hope it is true that the laws of Thermodynamics mean that our life energy surpasses the death of the flesh; that you are somehow ‘alive’ somewhere, without those cruel 25 cancer pounds that made being photographed miserable, watching over the soon-to-be held conversation you began, a conversation that is sure to begin in halls and chambers of legislators on every level.

No doubt it will get nasty at times as we will probably do what humans always do:  demand that our ideologies and fears are more important than the welfare of the people behind those ideologies.  So be it.  The conversation must take place.  I, like many people, have both an experiential and personal stake in the outcome.

But I am forever grateful that you could choose to handle your cancer and deteriorating, betraying body in this manner.  For now we all grieve, but there will come a day when we again take on the conversation that no one wants to really undertake.  You and your family define bravery and courage in my mind.  Thanks for sharing with us.  That was pretty big.  I am remembering you this way….. Brittany-maynard-wedding-smile

Charities and the Industry of Poverty

I read a painful comment yesterday PainfulOuchabout charities and I am going to share pieces here with a link.  It is NOT a comment about my time in Kenya specifically, but a comment about the developed world and it’s need to remain at the top of the human chain….and ignore its citizenry’s abuse of the people in the charity target countries, the poor and uneducated who live in thatched huts and so need our western ways and western systems and western money.  Except those are the very things bringing in the harm because the invasion is not monitored.

But let me back up a step ….. Jane Bussman…..stumbled upon her article as I trolled the media’s handling of one of our Kenyan cases.  I do not have her permission … yet… use her words, so read quickly in the event that my “ask later” policy backfires.  She has writing credits for our beloved South Park, Colorado’s addition to the comedy genre.  Brace yourselves, tender-spirited folk.

Jane Bussmann and her crass-cussing craziness hit home…..every single cuss word and all the words in between.   I will someday expand on my experience with charities and the Industry of Poverty, because indeed it is an industry like so many corporations globally, replete with fraud and lying and misuse of funds and manipulation of the giving public, capitalizing on our need to be “good” and fix our souls.

For now, let us share a few of the excerpts that hit homeruns.  The link at the end will allow you to read the full piece if you are so inclined.

I loved charities until I moved to Africa. In fact I wanted to work for a charity, any charity that would have me.

By charities, I don’t mean Mrs. Miggins and her mobile library van. Although there should be some authority somewhere on God’s green earth checking what Mr. Miggins is doing in the back of the van.

I landed in Northern Uganda, at a time when Joseph Kony’s kidnappers were picking off kids for sex slaves and the Ugandan army, when they could be arsed, were bombing the shit out of the kids and kidnappers alike. At first my hatred of charities was just a vague feeling. A sort of resentment of their total lack of urgency.  An industry that finessed posters making me feel I had to send them money immediately so they could fix an emergency – people were starving, people were dying, people were being kidnapped – seemed very unwilling to do anything other than hold meetings about it.  When I landed, I saw a bunch of fat bastards sat on their arses.

Eight years since I first wanted to work for a charity, I want the big ones banned.  If someone needs to be good professionally, you have to ask why. . . .

Why would someone need to be seen as good if they weren’t a giant asshole? . . .

Politicians love charities because giving a pittance to a children’s ward in Africa makes them look like good people when they’re closing children’s wards back home.

Another charity, this time for Kenyan street kids, the Gilgil Trust has seen it’s founder using the charity as a cover for his alleged child sex crimes [3].. . .

Charities need the poor more than the poor needs them. . . .

It’s a front.  A gut wrenchingly unpleasant front when it feeds off people who are really suffering.  The poverty industry needs hungry Africans.  Not the other way round.  [edits applied]

Jane Bussmann on charities: she moved to Africa to be a good person and ended up hating the professionally good.

Trust me when I tell you that your perception of “Africa” as a whole is probably VERY wrong if it comes from the media only.  But then again, their perception of you is vastly wrong.  During a Skype session in 2012 between my son and one of his friends in Colorado, I heard the comment, “You live in a sandbox, right?”

Very wrong perception if it comes from the media.

This is the topic in a comedy forum.  Can you imagine it in a more serious venue?

Listening notNobody would listen.

I have a name for this “good white man” thing going around in Africa…but you will have to wait a few more weeks…until justice takes its course in the UK.


Lovin’ the ‘Other guy” news!

Iheart small artistic love this news story this morning…..

US Looks Into Police Militarization Claims 

Why do I love a simple news article in an era of what I see as overzealous, highly inflammatory, misleading, attention-seeking, media-induced ignorance?  Well, I thought you’d never ask.   Let me tell you.

I love it for all its refreshingly simple, genuine, and honest parts.  I love it because it is a tempered response to a concern of the people….without photos of bloody, military-style police actions against children to get my attention.

Therefore, it got my attention.  SONY DSC

The media is informing us that our concerns about the government handling of its policing role are being taken somewhat seriously.  In Kenya anyway, that never happened.  The people have learned, in fact, to be quiet and keep the peace when the traffic police stop you on the road and extract money from you to keep you out of the court.  You know from experience that if you take it to court, you will lose.  You pay the money.  Nothing more is ever discussed.  Laws are passed, people scream briefly about the injustice, but the status quo returns.

You wanna know why people on the other side of this big marble want to live here?  I will tell you first hand that is is emphatically NOT because of the wealth, though we do have what appears to be wealth to them (mostly debt-induced acquisitions, really).

It is because the American people have compassion and individually give of themselves and their wealth, and the stereotype in East Africa is that Americans are good and caring people…individually.  beKind-landing-featureBob EvansThey help feed hungry mouths, they help clothe cold and naked bodies.  Forget “government” for a minute.  I am talking the individual people, like the grandma down the street or the missionary family across town or the grade school friend on Facebook.  On the eastern coast of the African continent, the mere color of your skin, a white “mzungu”, puts you into the general category of “kind and benevolent.”  But if you are American, your status elevates to one who cares and is very giving.  One whose country cares for its people.  That view comes into direct conflict, of course, with the thought that all Americans live lives consistent with the movie industry’s presentations.  Nonetheless, they know that if they are dying on a street and a “mzungu” approaches, God has spared them, and if an American, then all the more grace has been given them.  The touch of your hand upon the crown of their baby brings a lifetime of blessing to that child.  It is the ultimate gift in some of the outlying tribes really.

So, Cynthia, why does all of this matter with regard to that headline about militarization?

Well, dear reader, because….because this media headline is not screaming inflammatory social injustice.  It screams not one iota about “all” police everywhere extending their authority to hurt minorities.

What is says is this:  American people, your protest has caused them to at least believe there is an issue and look at it.

And you know what?  THAT headline is not in any American news outlet, at least not yet, and that is what makes it so beautiful to me.  CNN’s headline this morning: “REPORT: MH17 hit by high-energy objects”.   Fox News headline: US, European intelligence agencies race to track western ISIS fighters.”  See, in an American outlet, you could make the valid argument that it was being used to sway the American mindset to keep our own status quo.

Al_Jazeera_Media_NetworkBut this headline was found on Al Jazeera….the Muslim-leaning news outlet, eh….   Scary….

Where by many mid-west American accounts I’ve seen and heard around town and on Facebook anyway, the LAST thing they would want to do is try to keep the Americans believing in themselves and their government…yet there it sits, headlining the news this September 9th, 2014.  Inflammatory on my part, I know. 🙂


Pondering Earthquakes

6.0 Earthquake Rattles Northern CaliforniaNorthern California experienced a 6.0 earthquake recently.  Not much attention seems to be focused in the media on this earthquake.  It is as if devoid from our collective conscience. Suddenly I am reeling in a moment of personal realization…, you can see the clothing of all attendees to some MTV red carpet and Emmy thing, but no earthquake stuff.

Lots of information on bombings and terrorist Earthquake Dr Sheldon Cooper sarcasmactivities, ice bucket challenges, an inordinate amount of information about how bad all police departments are everywhere and how they shoot innocent people all the time (As Dr Sheldon Cooper would say, “That’s sarcasm.”)……..

…but no earthquake info, no earthquake challenges, no links to help support the earthquake survivors or their pets. 6.0 Earthquake Rattles Northern California    ..only a buried story about the earthquake with a headline “State of Emergency Declared.”  The story says, “The earthquake was the largest one to shake the Bay Area since the 1989 6.9-magnitude Loma Prieta Earthquake. Dozens of aftershocks followed.”  Since 1989….yet little focus or mention anywhere.  The buildings crumbled.   

6.0 Earthquake Rattles Northern CaliforniaEven the Napa Justice building cracked. Wow, that foreshadowing or ‘percent metaphoric value’ will have to be left for another day.


“Vintner Richard Ward of Saintsbury Winery south of Napa watched Sunday afternoon as workers righted toppled barrels and rescued a 500-pound grape de-stemmer that the quake had thrown to the ground.6.0 Earthquake Rattles Northern California‘That’s what happens when you’re a mile from the epicenter,’ said Ward, who lost 300 to 400 bottles in the winery’s basement.”  Napa and the wine were attacked for goodness sake!


Earthquakes and people’s lives used to matter more.